Author: Sarah @ MetalGear   Date Posted:23 December 2020 


The Ducati F1 - revered as one of the best sports motorcycles ever manufactured, some even daring to claim it was the last of the "real" Ducatis. Close to 600 were released in 1985, making the Ducati F1 highly collectible. With OEM parts becoming scarce, collectors are searching for high quality replica parts to restore their prized machine.

Myles came to MetalGear looking to replace both front and rear brake disc rotors. Wanting to keep the original look, this would be the beginning of a 5 year journey resulting in a product that is as close to OEM as you can get.

Our Technician worked tirelessly to source the best materials and ensure the highest quality finishes. The centres were manufactured in Germany from CNC machined aircraft grade Aluminium 7075-T6 with an anodised gold finish. The outers are made using AISI 410 stainless steel from Japan. Original style buttons were used (as per OEM set up) made using anodised aluminium.

Original discs for the Ducati F1 were originally cast iron, limiting riders to use organic brake pads only. With MetalGear's reproduction, you can use organic AND sinter pads depending upon your riding style.

Eventually these discs will be available in two venting pattern types. Additionally, our centres and outers are interchangeable with OEM parts, meaning you can replace only that which needs replacing!

Thank you Myles for your incredible amount of patience – we hope your MetalGear reproductions serve you well. Merry Christmas!

If you’re a collector looking to replace your Ducati 750 F1 rotors, these discs will be on production early next year and available to purchase from mid 2021 (ETA is approximate and subject to change without notice). Contact us our Sales Team for further information.