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TIME TO RIDE! But what's that squealing?

Spring is just about to be SPRUNG! For some it means the worst case of Hay Fever ever experienced. For others it brings the perfect riding conditions. Whilst blocked sinuses may not be your problem, faulty or neglected braking components could be. Before taking to the streets here’s a quick and easy motorcycle maintenance checklist;

  • Take a close look at brake lines for leaks, cracks, any damage of any kind. Test brake levers BEFORE taking to the road (levers should be firm when squeezed) and check the brake fluid.
  • Examine brake pads and look for signs of wear. Don’t wait until your pads are squealing for attention – literally. Ignoring grinding or squealing sounds could result in damage to the brake disc (rotor) affecting braking performance and your bank account. 
  • Don't neglect brake calipers. Squeeze the brake lever and check that the pistons move freely without excessive force.
  • Brake disc rotors should be free from damage including warping and uneven wear. If you notice any grooves or distortion to the shape of the brake disc, pulsing or shuddering when braking then it’s time for repair or replacement.
  • Keep it clean! Use a good quality brake cleaner to get rid of any muck, grime or slime on the calliper’s and brake disc.

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