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Brake Disc Rotors for Motorcycles, ATV and Scooters

MetalGear International manufactures an array of brake disc rotors to service old and new models. We've developed more than 1000 solid and over 300 floating brake disc rotors to cater for all types of motorcycles, atv and scooters.


The most common style, we've developed more than 1000 solid brake disc rotors. The precision and material consistency is crucial for a long-lasting brake disc, especially for those of a larger size. These can vary in size drastically; smaller sized solid discs can be found on the rear of a motorcycle with larger sizes found on the front.


There's more than meets the eye when it comes to this style of brake disc. Additional tolerances and quality control measures are needed throughout the grinding, machining and assembly process to guarantee they serve until their wear limit. The two-piece construction of a floating disc allows for greater heat expenditure under heavier braking loads. Some carriers will come in either steel or alloy using our own preferred washer and rivet system best suited to carrier material and outer thickness.


Those were the days! We pride ourselves on a comprehensive range that also caters for the older classics so there's no need to stress if your brake disc wear limit is fast approaching. For owners lucky enough to hold onto the gems of the 1960s-1990's, we have you covered.


MetalGear International offers specialty refurbishment services. This is particularly favourable for older discs with a rivetted set up. The refurbishment process is quite extensive and we prefer to make a full examination of your current discs before commencing any work. Your disc will be revived by adding a new braking surface, reconditioning the carrier, finishing with our signature bolt system replacing the rivets.