ESJOT Motorcycle Chains

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ESJOT motorcycle chains are manufactured by one of the leading Japanese chain manufacturers. All Esjot chains are pre-tensioned and pre-stretched to ensure minimum elongation during service life.


HEAVY DUTY/HRT chains 415/420/428/520/525/530

  • Reliable, non-sealed chain for heavy duty use.
  • Improved strength compared to standard chains.
  • Manufactured from carbon alloy steel, heat treated and shot peened for maximum strength and durability, cold forged seamless bush for longer chain life.
  • Available in various colours.

ESJOT RO Chain O-Ring 428/520/525/530 

  • All ESJOT O-ring chains are made of high carbon alloy steel to ensure strength and durability.
  • The use of nitrite-butadiene O-rings for sealing in the lubrication system ensures consistent performance with minimal ring resistance without loss of performance.

ESJOT EJX Chain X-Ring 520/525/530

  • Designed for basic motorcycle models, reduced chain weight while ensuring the required strength, underlines the easy acceleration feeling through low resistance.
  • Features RX rings with "X" shaped seals and improved metallurgy, giving you 2 times the wear resistance of standard O-ring chains.